Here at Middle Earth Farm we begin the CSA season in late May or early June, depending upon Mother nature.  You can expect to be enjoying produce until around the first frost of autumn.

CSA shares will be available for pick-up at the farm in Amesbury. Upon joining, please choose Pick Up Day for the season:  Tuesday  OR  Thursday. Hours for pick up are 11am to 6pm.

• We collaborate with other local growers to provide produce that we do not grow as  part of your CSA share (at no additional cost). This has included corn, apples,  peaches, and strawberries, and varies from year-to-year.

• When available we offer our own chicken eggs for purchase.

Middle Earth Farm 2016

CSA Membership Form






Membership Dues:

One Share Size

  • Equal to last year’s Small Share (feeds 2)
  • 2 Shares equal to last year’s Large Share ( feeds 4)

By March 31st- $325 per share

starting April 1st- $350 per share

Upon joining, please choose:

How many shares?

  • One 〈  〉
  • Two 〈  〉

and Pick Up Day for Season:

Tuesday 〈  〉    or     Thursday  〈  〉


Please mail this form & a check to: 

Middle Earth Farm

67 Fern Avenue

Amesbury, MA 01913

Why join Community Supported Agriculture?
The beauty of the CSA model is that it is mutually beneficial for it’s members, for the farm, and for the environment.

In season, members pick-up freshly harvested, and locally grown produce weekly.  If you have questions or concerns, the farmer is available and accountable.  You have the visual confirmation that your produce is grown in healthy soil, and therefore packed with nutrition.

Pre-season, members join the CSA giving the farm the capital it needs to invest in seeds and supplies.  As with any investment there is a risk, since farming is dependent on Mother Nature.  Despite droughts and floods we have still had amazingly bountiful years at MEF.

Not only do the members receive the health benefits of fresh food, but the environment benefits from stewardship of organic farming methods.  Since the produce has traveled directly from the farm to our table, the impact on our natural resources is positively diminished.

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